Children and adults delight in this feast for the eyes and the mind. [MiniLands in the media]

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, MiniLands catapults the doll house into an artistic cultural experience.  

With over 300 unique installations, MiniLands combines miniature furniture, photography, mixed media, recycled cultural artifacts, and artisan dolls to create a view of the world from the eyes of a child.

"There is always something new to see and hear.  MiniLands is fragile and extraordinary", says 11 year old visitor Juliani.  "Blue Bottle City is brilliant.  I never thought of something like that!  This collection of trinkets is put together to show a whole new meaning".  

Enter Here for a taste of what MiniLands offers. 


MiniLands is the lifelong creation of Chief Creative Genius, Jo Moore Stewart.  Dubbed the "Andy Warhol of the Miniature World", Jo's artistry has been published in numerous publications [MiniLands in the Media]

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